Packaged Video Solutions. Engaging Content to Market Your Brand.

FEEDFOXX has a variety of video packages for you to select from, ranging from short-form videos that are highly engaging on Social Media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat – to customized long-form storytelling assets that are fit for any corporate website, digital forum, or commercial television.

We have over a decade of experience in commercial, corporate, television, and online production. We conceptualize, write, coordinate, and produce your video assets to help promote your business, brand, product, or service. We answer questions such as the difference between filming in HD vs 4K and give solid guidance as to what kind of video marketing would be best for your outreach objectives.


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Style Collections

Custom Production – Music Only: (30-60 seconds)  

CUSTOM PRODUCTION – Music & Dialogue: (30-60 seconds)

*30-60 second productions are compatible for Instagram, SnapChat, and any digital media platform.

CUSTOM PRODUCTION – Storytelling Long-Form: (Over 60 seconds)

Celebrating a person and/or story while incorporating your brand within the video production, is a great way to get engagement on Facebook, websites, blogs, articles, and forums.


*Custom productions can feature you and/or your brand in ways such as storytelling, profiling the product or services, tips & tricks, or how to’s.
*Aerial cinematography and/or remote location shoots are available for customized productions.
* Productions over 1 minute long are not compatible for Instagram, or SnapChat.