Custom LONG-FORM Video Production


Build your plan. Choose your custom video production (over 60 seconds visual cut with licensed music & dialogue). You can also add on services such as Social Media ad placement or Website opt-in pages which are great tools to use in combination with your video!




Custom LONG-FORM videos productions are over 60 seconds and come in the form of storytelling, featuring you or profiling your product.  These shoots often require remote or multiple shooting locations or aerial cinematography.

Choose the options you require for your pre and post-production and if you want, we can even complete the ad writing and place your video within a Social Media campaign.

*Half day rates apply to shoots ranging from 1-4hrs.  Full day rates apply to anything from 5-10hr days. 

*Note: Video’s over 1 minute are not compatible with SnapChat or Instagram

**Copyright Release Fee: We release the copyright and video asset to you, where you have full control and are able to place your video on any platform you choose.



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