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We can set-up & automate your entire digital marketing!


Ideas to encourage clicks on online ads to drive traffic, grow media followers, collect leads & convert customers


We implement systems to automate your online sales process. Our methods start with collecting leads through sponsored ads on feeds such as Facebook & Instagram & then our system guides them to becoming a buyer.


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My Digital Ads are Getting the Clicks but Customers Aren’t Buying or Converting.

Digital advertising is not as simple as creating an interesting Facebook or Instagram advert where people will easily click and buy your product or service.

Especially if you are driving clicks to your websites URL or product page where leads can get easily distracted by multiple products, information and services. 

This is a common problem with digital advertising.

They clicked, but didn’t buy or convert.  WHY? 

It’s because there is no automated system backing your advertisement to help you build a relationship with your potential new customer or client.

Let’s face it…some people are consumers, while many others will hesitate.  They are interested, but perhaps for other reasons do not or cannot buy now.  This is why you need to build a relationship, which requires a strategy when dealing with new customers online.

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 How do you build a relationship online?

You need to implement an entire digital sales funnel. 

This is a strategic automated process that takes the lead from the digital ad, to a high converting landing page that gets engagement.

This page either has your promotion, your product for sale, or a lead magnet to collect emails addresses. 

What can you do with an email address (when it’s going into a proper database)?

That’s right! Send them a series of automated emails (or e-newsletters) to start relationship building with your lead and encourage them to buy.  

And this is what FEEDFOXX does. 

We work with businesses and entrepreneurs to assist in creating your digital product or service launch by creating engaging media campaigns with video, graphics or lead magnets to deliver your brand message or offers – And then we automate your entire digital sales funnel to maximize your conversions and increase your sales revenues.

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Why Sponsor Ads on Social Media?

How Does Sponsored Advertising Give Your Brand the Edge You Need to Get Noticed on Social Media?

Your posts on Facebook use to be syndicated and shown throughout many newsfeeds within your personal or fanpage networks and for FREE. 

But Facebook recently announced that they are killing this organic reach for business fanpages (even if you have millions of followers).

They are no longer a social network; it’s an advertising platform, which means that Facebook wants to make money so their new algorithms now are giving sponsored ads the priority to be seen rather than our ‘Friends’ personal posts because they are now all considered potential ‘customers’.

Put it this way, malls get a lot of traffic on the daily. People walking by will see your signage on a regular basis. They sometimes walk by and other times come in to browse or buy.  The sales people get the opportunity to give them offers, or help them through the buying process. 

Point is, customers know you’re there because they see your signage every time they are in the mall. However not every business or service has the luxury of location. 

Your signage and offers need to be in the customers’s face and on a regular basis. 

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We Are Your Digital Sales Strategy

We implement your marketing tools and entire digital sales funnel by creating high converting landing pages with direct offers, lead magnets, and automated email or chatbot campaigns.

We are Video Production

Our passion at FEEDFOXX is to tell your story with video. Our 10+ years of experienced cinematography & post-production will make your brand or offer stand out above the crowd.  We offer various video styles and can customize your production for your website or digital advertising campaign.


Jolene Stillinger, Founder | Digital Sales Funnel & Launch Expert

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What People Are Saying

With FEEDFOXX, we were able to create a targeted campaign that helped Raw Canvas grow it’s Social Media audience.  This made us achieve our financial goals within our first year of business!

Chrisann B. ~ Founder of Raw Canvas

I loved working with FEEDFOXX. They are passionate, detailed, and very knowledgeable in all aspects of media. They asked me thought provoking questions to help me find more clarity on how I wanted to distribute my brand, and truly cared about getting to the results we planned.  If you are looking for professionals that are fully engaged throughout the process to get to your goals – FEEDFOXX is what you need!

Yomi M. ~ Founder of Bold Hearted Living

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